“Kudos to Chuck Kocher for coaching our team and bringing us many extraordinary successes.”

– Sylvia and Ken Ringling, Owners/Founders Interim Healthcare) Tripled Revenues, Profit + 50%, Cash Positive

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chuck Kocher for the last three years and he has been invaluable in helping me focus my business efforts. As a business owner, it’s easy to be distracted by the crisis of the moment.  Working with Chuck brings me back to the key elements that need attention on a regular basis, in order to achieve a high level of performance. Chuck has also been a huge benefit to our organization— working with members of our management team and improving our team dynamics. I believe this will prove to be a turning point in the story of our business’ growth and development.”

– WP President, TMR-Direct


“This has been a year of milestones for our business. We developed a comprehensive marketing plan and hired a marketing director to oversee the systematic execution of that plan. That enabled us to add another salesperson, and I can safely say that our overall sales volume is going to finish up a full 50% over last year! We’ve made necessary capitol investments without squeezing our cash flow too hard. We hired an Office Manager who has taken at least 80% of the administrative detail load off my plate! Chuck has been instrumental in helping us make numerous internal process improvements that I believe will be the key to continued growth—and to creating what every business owner ultimately hopes for: freedom. Chuck helped transform my thinking and approach to business from that of a tactician to that of a strategist.”

– P.S., Peak Structural


“Prior to working with Chuck, I rarely found or made time to work on the strategic planning that is so important to the growth of our company. The coaching process and Chuck’s motivation has been a positive stimulus for us. We have carved out the time from our busy schedules to do the things necessary to make progress on our plans. With Chuck’s help, we now have the foundation on which to build our business.”

S.D. & S.F., Corbett Systems Development, Inc


“Chuck helped me close the gap between my dream and reality. I have over thirty years’ experience helping people grow their businesses, but realized I needed an experienced guide to coach me past my own personal obstacles and make real progress. Chuck is a valuable member of my team. He has helped me organize and implement the re-invention of my business and life into an entirely fresh model that works!”

– G. S., President, Incognito Marketing


“Although I’d successfully run businesses before, I realized I needed a mentor to help me reset the company compass, make some significant changes, and grow the company. Perhaps most important of all, I needed a CEO-level sounding board who understood where I was going and could help me get there. In short, we began transforming the company. Could I have done it without Chuck’s help? Maybe, but it wasn’t happening. I was so deep in the everyday workings of the company that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. To be honest, it probably took six months to a year before we started seeing short-term results. And I firmly believe that we haven’t even begun to see the long-term impact, yet! Chuck helped us change our thinking and actions. The transformation is on going, but we’ve got a great start.”

– M.Palis, President, Infront Webworks


“As a presenter Chuck nailed it: Great Questions, Great Tools, Great Experience and Great Energy! “

– J. M. – Magneti Marketing


“ Chuck brings an amazing level energy and passion to make complex concepts, simple, practical and most importantly usable.”

– D. King – Six and Geving Insurance


“ Chuck challenged me to think differently about the things in business that I normally would not think about. I now have some significant actions that I can take to scale my business!”

– R. Donovan – United Linen


“ In a friendly and non-threatening way, Chuck literally provided me a blueprint for sustainable long-term growth of my business!”

– J. R. – Billiard Factory


“ With high energy over an 8 hour workshop, Chuck provided a great guide, complete with practical ideas and approaches to manage and drive the growth of businesses on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and all connected to a thorough strategic plan! In addition we clearly know as team what we need to focus on and we now aligned with a common vision and purpose.”

– Sarah Mc G. – Q2 Technologies

Wow! In a single coaching session, Chuck asked us three questions to consider for our business. We did our homework and saved our business over $100K! Thanks, Chuck!”

– G.P. & B.S., Restaurant/Bistro

“Chuck brings great clarity, enthusiasm and insights to the process of execution and implementation of the Rockefeller Habits.”

– D. Johnson – Molding Box

“Through powerful energy and deep insights, Chuck gave me the knowledge of the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits tools, best practices and models and more importantly the confidence and the belief that we can actually do what we plan!”

– Ian P. MB Inc

“With the One Page Strategic Plan and the Rockefeller Habits Checklist that Chuck shared we literally have a roadmap to build and take our company from good to great. The 4 Decisions Framework is brilliant as a growth model that addresses People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.”

– M.L.G. – RIS Systems

“Chuck’s Scaling Up Workshop was fast-paced, deep and broad and still thorough. Besides being a great presenter and coach, Chuck is a “learning machine” and recommended great books and additional resources to further enhance the learnings and ideas from the workshop.”

Rick O. – Omni Fire and Safety

“I have used the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up tools for many years. This workshop was wake-up call and great refresher on how we get more serious and intentional in our commitment and application of Verne’s world class growth tools and models. We are back in the game.

Thanks Chuck for delivering a “10+” day!”

– J.T. – FQ Inc.


“Absolutely Fantastic Workshop…. Buckle into your seats and get ready for a powerful, insightful, high-energy learning experience. Biggest and massive takeaway was recommitting to our great culture and people. Thanks Coach Chuck for challenging us to be great!”

C Lee – Twin Engine


“Coming the Scaling UP workshop we were not aligned, leaving we are now literally “on the same one page” and completely aligned as a team and ready to build a sustainable high growth business. I strongly recommend bring your leadership team to the workshop.”

Nate R. ENTR Ltd.

“I spoke to a group of CEOs and told them they needed to attend a Rockefeller Habits workshop and if they did not love it I would pay for their attendance!”

~ Dwight Cooper, CEO , PPR Healthcare Staffing

“We attempted to apply the Habits by ourselves, but then we decided to sign up for a Rockefeller Habits workshop and started working with a certified Gazelles coach. The results have been phenomenal. As a result of our success, I now actually have the time to work on my business (and myself). Thanks to Gazelles for being a huge part of our success at P2P!”

 ~ Dan Rogers, President & CEO, Point to Point Transportation Services, Inc.


“Within the first hour of the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits workshop, I gleaned a better way to deal with my accounts receivables. I immediately implemented this information and as a result my receivables have dropped to under 25 days. The natural extension is the increase in cash flow allowing me to implement new projects faster than before.”

~ Gregg Marshall, CEOm Corban Technologies


“Learning the Rockefeller Habits is the single best thing we have done as a company. It has led to complete company alignment, faster learning and numerous breakthroughs. More importantly, the process has allowed us to thrive despite being in an industry that has fallen almost 70% in the last number of years. I consider it a must for any leadership team looking to grow its business.”

~ Jeff Booth, CEO, BuildDirect

The benefit of coaching to my business has been significant. Prior to coaching, my company seemed to have no sense of direction and just moved to the ebb and flow of current market conditions. Action Coach Business Coaching helped me to get organized and concentrate on the important things in the company like marketing and making profitable sales. We’ve doubled our building size in the last year, as we needed the room to expand from the significant growth in sales!

~  Tim Van Milligan- Apogee Components, Inc.

“Chuck Kocher really helped us put the vision for our business on paper. Before meeting Chuck our vision was not tangible because we hadn’t taken the time to get it out of our heads and into an action plan. Chuck helped us articulate our vision and more importantly put it into a plan. Thanks Chuck for helping us move our business forward!!”
– T.S. & S.B. – Splish Interactive

“Chuck taught me how to focus more on the important things of my job. I had never been in a coaching program, it has been very beneficial. I feel Chuck taught me how to be more motivated on many different levels.”

“I learned how to fill out the one page strategic plan and understand how it works and how it relates to my goals and ultimately to my success. I know that my focus has increased by 75% and the understanding of certain sale techniques by 50%. And now I am focused, confident and poised to have a great increase in my performance.”

J.M. Sales Manager – Healthcare Provider – Fort Collins


“I think to be a successful manager, a Strategic Plan and understanding your SWOT, Budgeting #’s is a massive learning curve. More detailed information on strategic planning dashboards. Chuck has helped us make this a part of our business.

Chuck is very positive, a great listener and has fabulous ideas to improve my performance when my goals are not being met.

I have learned how to look at my personality and use it as strength and be aware of how it can be a threat to the team if I do to look at the big picture and how to interact with others. My ability to lead has improved dramatically.

As a company, we have used the philosophy of Above and Below the Line to help mold our office into a better and accountable working environment. Coaching has also helped both our team and our company grow and also hire some great new employees.”

H.G. Director – Healthcare Provider

“I would rate coaching a 10, I have really enjoyed learning from Chuck. He is very insightful and informative. I have learned so very much from him. I feel that he was instrumental in the change in me. Chuck and his team are SUPER FANTASTIC. The communication and assistance in the coaching program, that we have received has been absolutely fabulous.

I have discovered things about my self that I thought were bad were actually not down falls but rather make me a better and more rounded person and manager.

On a results basis, I have been able to increase the amount of time that I spend out of the office which is critical for my success. My increased sales are a direct result of the extra hours that I have been out of the office.

This is a great coaching program. I did not believe in the financial investment of a business coach; however I have been proven completely wrong. I would recommend Chuck and his team to other business owners with out a reservation.”

B.S. Manager – Healthcare Service Provider – Denver

“Chuck’s mentoring and coaching came about at a time when things were getting out of control in our high growth business. Our growth had outgrown my management and leadership capabilities.

The ActionCOACH team has gone above and beyond to accommodate our fast growth office and team. I’ve had to ask for flexibility far too often and Chuck and his team always managed to find away to help us.

Scheduling and communications have always been a real plus! The meetings at the ActionCOACH facility have always been top notch as well.

Some specific areas that I have seen improvements is in these areas:

I am a more direct communicator

I am more accountable to getting my managers/directors what they need to be successful.

I am a much better at planning, goal setting and making goals measurable (Smart Goals)… We’ve now returned to stability after a rough year, of explosive growth and a near complete internal implosion. We hit significant marks in sales and profits and received an industry award for performance for the 3rd time. Chuck has also coached us to hire several key new leaders for the future growth of our company!”

Chuck and the ActionCOACH Team came along at just the right time for me. I was clear that my management and leadership growth was not keeping pace with the high growth of my business. My business is much stronger already and to a large degree, thanks to my personal development of working with Chuck. Chuck, my entire team appreciates the difference that you’ve made as our coach.”

L.M. Business Owner – Healthcare Service Provider

“Chuck has done an outstanding job as my coach and I have learned a tremendous amount from his coaching. I now keenly aware of how I communicate and learn….I know that I am very visual and am a hands-on learner and I also know how to recognize how other employees learn. This has helped me be a better trainer and a better manager.

Chuck and his Action team have been very helpful coordinating our meetings and reminding me to do my smart goals and I am always thinking how I can utilize the tools Chuck has given me to be a better manager and team member.

This is the first experience I have had with a business coach and it has been very pleasant and helpful in both my business and personal life. I am more confident in my decision making and I making high quality decisions. I have learned to better manage with my head and then with my heart and emotion.

On the results side, our sales have increased by 18% and our overall productivity and performance has increased by 25% and I am working towards increasing that to 50% by the end of this year.

“My personal success through business coaching has been an eye-opener for me because I thought I knew myself pretty well and I have learned that I have more strength than I give myself credit for and I have learned that my weaknesses can be changed with hard work, focus and utilizing the tools and techniques that Chuck has taught me as coach. I have learned that I need to trust my instincts and I now do!”

C.V. Manager – Healthcare Provider – Pueblo


“Chuck is doing a great job as our coach. I am learning a lot about myself. Chuck coaches me to think, visualize and have goals for myself and the Company. He is giving me the tools I need to be a better Manager.

I have learned to see myself as a manager and am confident in my decision making as a manager. I have also learned that I am an analyzer. I am learning to use the strengths of this and learning from the weaknesses as well.

Our performance, professionalism and productivity have increased a great deal. I don’t have a number for this, but you can see it when you come into the office or speak to us on the phone. Also shows with our sales.”

B.A. Manager – Healthcare Provider – Pueblo

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of stretching, growing and really stepping back and working on my three businesses and watching as my businesses have changed shape right before my eyes. I would be proud to recommend your services. Thank-you Chuck for your caring, troubleshooting and fun approach to helping me grow and develop my businesses!”
– B.L. – Laughrun and Associates

“The coaching program has helped me to be more aware of myself as a manager. I always feel optimistic about the future of my department after the coaching sessions. Coaching with Chuck is Great! Chuck is always personable with great ideas and his support team is outstanding.

I’ve learned how to organize and prioritize better than I did before. I feel my management skills have greatly improved in the past year as far as communication of expectations.”

I know our customer service has improved since coaching has begun. Also putting Smart Goals on paper has helped my dept to achieve +80% of our goals from the prior year

Chuck with ActionCoach has helped me personally to become a much better manager. He has given me tools I can use in my everyday work week to help me stay organized, focused, and always looking toward a successful future.”

J.M. Manager Healthcare Provider – Pueblo

“If you would have asked me this question 3 years ago I would have said I hate it and get rid of it. But NOW! I look forward to the coaching sessions. Chuck has helped me become a better leader and have kept me from jumping off the roof!

Chuck and the ActionCOACH team are all great…

The consistency and focus from coaching keeps me on track

Our Colorado Springs Homecare met all but 1 goal last year we met our financial goals both revenue and profits for the calendar year. We were right on the goals that we set.

I can only speak for the homecare division but in 2008 and 2009 we achieved more financially than we ever had. We met goals important ones for the first time and felt and saw the results. The 2010 planning was easy to do and I was actually excited to start working on our goals!”

D.W. Director Homecare – Healthcare Service Provider – Colorado Springs


“I have noticed a significant change in everyone; we are all able to communicate better. We are all able to help each other knowing what each of us need oar just knowing anyone’s stucks. And I feel that we are all moving all in the right direction as a total company.

I always know that I can go to Chuck if I am stuck, when no one else can help, this gives me tremendous confidence to face the never-ending change in our business.

With Chuck’s coaching, I am now able to face any confrontations with others without it being an argument or I don’t back down.

Accountability is now part of our DNA, everyone is accountable for their actions both good and bad. As a results go, we increased our office staff and team and this in turn has increased my employee staffing by at least 15%… My overall sales have increased each year in coaching!

M.G. Staffing Manager – Healthcare Staffing – Colorado Springs

“Program has been a great help with focusing me on my goals and how to set the right goals and prioritize then. Chuck and his team are a pleasure and enjoyable to work with. Coaching has really helped to bring our employees together as a team to reach and exceed our corporate goals. Coaching has also taught me how to use a systematic way of tracking my department and to stay focused and on road to achieving goals”

We have also increased our caseload which has increased our top-line sales revenue.

I have obtained both personal and business growth that has enabled me to make better use of my existing business skills and on top of that I have also developed new and better business skills so that I can lead my office into the future, thanks Chuck!”

– C.M. Manager – Healthcare Provider – Colorado Springs, CO

“Chuck has helped me in so many aspects; I feel I have become a better manager, as far as “Putting my foot down” when I have to. Being better at holding my team “accountable” and taking ideas that have been given to me and using them to develop an even better team.

Coaching with Chuck has helped me set great goals and how to be a better manager by seeing the “Big Picture”.

We have been able to build a much better team as far as attitudes and actually building a sense of team in my department. In area of sales, Chuck is coaching me that I can do this too”

In Feb ’08, I took over as HCBS Branch Manager, by April 1st wasn’t so sure I could do the job. After my first few coaching sessions with Chuck he showed me I really could. I’ve implemented hat I’ve learned into the team and HCBS dept and we will continue to grow huge and offer the best quality of care possible. Thanks Chuck!”

L.I. Manager – Healthcare Provider – Colorado Springs

“I really enjoy the coaching sessions, I am just a little lost sometimes as to the direction we are going, or that I need to go because we seem to talk about something different every time”

Things seem to be great. I think you really nail my the personality tests and understanding how I am motivated.

We now have clarity on our direction as a team, and better follow up receiving the tools Chuck has taught us how to use.

I have learned to be much more assertive and to not be as afraid to speak up in difficult situations. I am also becoming much more organized and methodical with my self-management.

Without the coaching I feel both me and our company would not be as strong as we are today. Chuck really challenges us as a team and me as an individual in making sure that we are totally accountable for our actions.”

J. R. Manager – Healthcare Provider – Denver

“Coaching has really focused me in understanding my management style and knowing what works for every one of my team members. Coaching has also taught me to communicate to bring a team together. Learning different ways to communicate to ones peers to get their buy-in for the advancement of the company or growth is monumental.”

Three Massive Learnings that I have had:

1. Maintaining a Positive Attitude – How I impact my team

2. Don’t place blame, find solutions – blame, excuse and denial are the most unproductive behaviors!

3. SMART Goals – Execution is easy with great goals.

Coaching has improved effective communication skills, setting specific goals to improve productivity. Brain-storming and setting action goals with my coach, Chuck has been just fabulous…

Some of the additional areas that I have learned about in coaching with Chuck have been:

1. Morning Management huddles – to create great communication

2. Daily office team meetings – to keep the team focused

3. Ownership, Accountability & Responsibility – Above the line is the only way to manage and lead!

We have built a solid foundation for the new office that we have opened and we have hired on a great new team… thanks to Chuck I am excited about the great future that we have!”

B.M. Director – Health Services provider – Louisville, CO

“I have been working with Chuck and ActionCOACH for 3 ½ years. The coaching program is outstanding and has made me be more aware of my management and leadership style and what I need to improve to become more effective as a manager/leader.”

“The coaching services Chuck and ActionCOACH provides are invaluable. I have enjoyed the fact that I have identified my management style and you have helped me to see how to adapt my style to best manage my team.”

Chuck’s coaching style allows me to adapt your teaching and coaching to the atmosphere that exists in my office. You inspire me to feel that I can accomplish change and manage the change in a positive environment. The tools that you have provided to us to assist us in the strategic planning to grow the business has been extremely beneficial.

I have received so much insight into my own personal mannerisms/behavior and what I need to do to change to help with my management of other team. I have benefitted in a massive way from the resources provided to me by business coaching, especially the resources for planning the future growth of our office.

We have enjoyed an 18% increase in our sales over the previous year. I think this is in direct correlation to the knowledge that we have received from coaching to assist in growing our business.

The performance of the staff has increased by 25% and I feel that this will increase significantly with new restructuring and reorganization of the office duties and foresee a 50%increase in performance in the very near future.

I personally believe that with the assistance of Chuck’s coaching, that we have grown not only as an office, but as a total team and organization. As our coach, you have helped us open up avenues of communication that has been greatly needed. We now receive more communication, feedback, sharing of information, than we ever had in the past. I have greatly benefitted from your coaching and I feel that I have grown as a manager and a leader and will continue to grow in the future. Thanks, Chuck!”

DY Director – Healthcare Service Provider – Pueblo

“I’ve seen excellent results from the coaching program. People involved in the program have worked hard on their constraints once they were able to recognize what their issues were and how best to work with them. This is a direct result of coaching.

Chuck and his team is fabulous, the communication is always pleasant and professional. Revealing your “self” is easy with Chuck. There is a level of comfort yet “definite accountability”.

I’ve absolutely seen a positive change in myself and in the people I work for. I’ve benefited from knowing my personal constraints and how to make changes to overcome those constraints.

I personally have achieved a huge goal in receiving a promotion that I believe was afforded me due to the change in office culture that Chuck helped us achieve in our company. I have watched the business grow and goals set which are then reached.

Using Chuck as our business coach has changed the way we run and think about our business. Coaching has taught us how to identify the office culture we want and empowered us to make the changes needed. I highly recommend ActionCoach to any organization that is interested in positive change for their organization!”

E.R. C.O.O. Healthcare Services Provider – Colorado Springs

I have been working with Chuck and ActionCOACH for 3 ½ years. We are all born with hair. A day can depend on what you do with that hair each morning. A style this way or that, can make a huge difference in how you look/feel for the day and how others perceive you.

Action coach takes what you have been given by God and shows you how to best use and leverage those talents to make a difference each day in your business and your life. The program also addresses our less talented areas helping to “change and develop” them to make us even more successful.

“The coaching program has helped me figure out and focus on the priorities of the company. Because of this better focus we have been able to achieve all of the goals that we have set. and now that the goals are written I actually remember what they are and know when I achieve them. I now am better at holding people accountable and making expectations clear. I also know how to think through and make solid, realistic goals.”

“Coaching has also helped me become a better leader by making me focus on the areas I need to work on to improve. I do not like to admit or look at my shortcomings. Chuck has made me realize I am not perfect and that’s ok, provided I am committed to change and that I can work on the areas I do not excel in. I can now admit and work on my shortcomings and stucks without worry.”

“Chuck and his team are professional and patient. I can always get the answers I need. The team is very positive. “There is always a coaching plan! I know what is expected and when it is expected.

And we are always treated with a positive attitude! I have never spoken to anyone on the team that did not have a great attitude.”

On the results side, “we have lterally doubled our sales within a 2 year time frame, we have achieved ~ 60% increase over previous year. BLOOD PRESSURE – my blood pressure has dropped (and maintained) by 20 points since our coaching began.”

“I did start the program with some skepticism but was pleasantly surprised with direction it has taken me and my business. I now look forward to coaching sessions because they help me think through issues and concerns and look at alternate possibilities. I now stayed focused on the important issues. I believe that even the most successful business can be enhanced by Chuck Kocher and the ActionCoach Program.

M.B. Owner Healthcare Services and Staffing Company – Fort Collins

“I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on the work we have accomplished over the past few months since we started working with you. Your involvement has been a very positive experience for me personally and has been of immense value to our organization as we work to create the infrastructure required to take Corbett Systems to the next level.

Prior to working with Chuck, I rarely found or made time to work on strategic planning tasks that are so important to the growth of our company. The coaching process and your motivation has been a positive stimulus for us. We have carved out the time from our busy schedules to do the things necessary to make progress on our plans.

With Chuck’s help, we now have the foundation on which to build our business. The efforts that we have put into building our vision and our plans have been both a rewarding and worthwhile endeavours and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labor.

I would be happy to discuss the value of your involvement in our organization with other business owners who may be contemplating hiring you. Do not hesitate to give them my contact data. Chuck, thank you for your continued help”
– S.D. & S.F. – Corbett Systems Development, Inc.

“The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce relies heavily on volunteer outreach to accomplish its book of business. To that end, we place high expectations on our staff and volunteers for the desired outcomes.  It has been a personal pleasure and privilege to work closely with Chuck in the areas of the Ambassador Club operations and our Small Business Resource Task Force.  His enthusiasm is infectious, his skill sets are state-of-the-art, and his ability to drive complex challenges to simplified, successful outcomes are givens. Simply put, Chuck has made a quantifiable difference in the effectively of our organization…we could not have done it without him.” 

– Dave Csintyan – COO – Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce

“As an owner of a local CPA firm that is rapidly growing, I spend a lot of time counselling my clients on business decisions. Recently, I found myself overwhelmed by the demands of my business and I was struggling for direction and structure.

Chuck Kocher has been working with me for the past 5 months, during which time he has helped me look at my accounting practice from a variety of different vantage points. He has provided a refreshingly different perspective on all aspects of my business, including marketing, pricing, employee issues, systematization, and long-term planning.

During the past three months, we have added a full-time employee, created a long-term vision and plan, implemented new technologies to systematize the business, begun implementing several marketing strategies, and put in place new strategies and procedures the upcoming 2004 tax season. Chuck has been instrumental in each of these projects. I would eagerly recommend him to any business owner in any industry”.

– CT – Peak Business Solutions – Colorado Springs

“Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude to you for all you have done to help me these past months that we have been working together.  I had not even considered working with a business coach until I met you.

As you know, I am operating by business by myself, and have plans for expansion and growth.  I had all the ideas and plans clearly laid out – in my head.  After our first meeting you had me do a ‘brain dump’ on paper that we hung on my office walls.  This exercise gave us the ability to really drill down into what I wanted to do, how I could achieve my goals, and where I needed to make modifications. Talk about an epiphany!!

I have implemented my expansion strategy through the purchase of additional franchise territory, and am actively servicing my new territory.  This new territory began operation in May 2003, and now accounts for approximately 11% of my total revenue. My plans are to establish an office in this new territory and hire the staffing to support it.  My Coach and I continue to have regular sessions that are invaluable in validating my strategies and putting them into Action.

I have referred colleagues to Chuck, because I do believe that they too can benefit from a similar coaching experience.  I would be happy to speak with any other business owner who would like to know the value of your work to my business, Molly Maid of Colorado Springs East.  Thank you, Chuck for all your help with my business.”

– F.L. – National Cleaning Franchise Owner – Colorado Springs/Castle Pines