Team Transformation Programs and Services

Chuck’s Challenge:

Organizations only achieve transformational results only when the leadership team has:

  • Established vulnerability based-trust
  • Experienced productive, issue-based, healthy conflict
  • A 100% commitment based on true weigh-in, buy-in, and clarity
  • Mutual accountability (both being held accountable and holding others accountable) that is practiced without regard for “levels”
  • Achieved clear and aligned results that are focused on the “greater good of the organization”
  • Done the continual hard work required to achieve transformational success

Transform This

  • Lack of trust
  • Mean-spirited politics and avoidance of issues
  • Empty commitments & promises
  • Little or no accountability
  • Selfish “silo mentality” departmental focus
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Into This

  • A team where everyone has your back
  • Spirited debates that spur great decisions
  • All in – 100% Commitment
  • Accountability that is just how we operate
  • Results are clear, aligned and achieved by the entire company

Here’s How We Do It:

We are certified and accredited as instructors for The Five Cohesive Behaviors of Team. This program was co-designed by Wiley and Patrick Lencioni (best-selling author of The 5 Dysfunctions of Team).  This 1 or 2-day program (which also features follow-on programs) uses a powerful profile tool and additional training tools to help you and your team to work at a transformational level.

Next Steps:

Set up a complimentary 60-minute team assessment. Based on what we discover together, we can then create a 5 Cohesive Behaviors of Team workshop program that will best help you build a transformational-based team.