Why Transformation is Necessary to Scale Up Your Business

My clients have something in common. They are all interested in dramatically growing their companies. They want to take their businesses to a completely different level. What some people may not see—at first—is why transformation is necessary to scale up your business. Here’s why growth without more

Hiring the Right People: Should You Hire People Just Like Yourself?

I’ve written before about how critical it is to hire the right people if you want to transform your company and take things to a whole different level. But it’s not enough more

Developing Transformational Employees: Focus on Feedback

Your employees are a crucial key to transforming your company. Good employees make a good company. Transformational employees can help transform your existing company into a high-growth powerhouse. So, what’s the key to developing transformational employees? Focus on Feedback.

You don’t transform more

When Is It Time to Stop Learning?

Before you read any further, let me acknowledge your intelligence. You and I both know that the answer to that question is, “Never!” So why ask a question when everyone knows the answer? The problem is that we don’t always put what we know into practice. We know we’re supposed to keep learning—but more

What Does It Take to Build a Team That Can Scale Up Your Business?

We’ve all seen images of “The Fall of Faith.” Some of us have even participated in the exercise where you close your eyes and fall backwards—and your teammates or business colleagues catch you. It’s supposed to build trust, but does it really work? Is that how you build trust in a business more

What’s Your Massive Transformative Purpose?

What’s really behind companies that scale up and make a huge impact on the market? For most of them, it starts with something that’s called a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). While that may sound impressive MTPs aren’t always super sexy. Consider the following companies:

  • Apple changed the way that the world listened to music. Before the iPod, people bought physical media (records, tapes, CDs) and then carried around bulky devices to listen to their music. Apple didn’t just make another new device. Their purpose was to change the way people accessed music.
  • Google had a stated purpose to: “Organize the world’s information.” That really doesn’t sound sexy at all, but look at the impact their “organization” has had on the way business is done all over the globe today.
  • Netflix had a purpose. It was to change the way that people watch movies and television. While their initial thrusts were more in competition with video stores (such as Blockbuster) by making it easier and more convenient to rent videos, they took things to a whole different level with their online services. Not only did they put Blockbuster out of business (with a little help), they even ended up challenging the major networks and cable content providers. Now they even produce their own content.
  • YouTube had a purpose. They wanted to make it possible to post and view video content online. Seems like a fun, but not necessarily world-changing purpose. That’s until you realize that YouTube is the world’s repository for video. And it’s also the second most used search engine in the world!

All of those ideas more

6 Ways to Get Cash in Your Pockets Faster

A lot of companies don’t want to talk about how they handle cash. They figure that if they have a good product with good pricing and deliver well that they’ll be OK. But if you’re looking to accelerate the growth of your company—to scale up your business—you’ll more

Growth Strategies: The Best Way to Win Is Not to Compete!

Business competition is not for the faint of heart. You scale up your business to move ahead of your competitors and then the next thing you know, they up the ante. You try to come up with growth strategies that will take you to the next level and set you apart—expect somebody seems to constantly more

Transformation Is More Than a Concept

It’s no accident that my business is called The Transformation Company. I didn’t choose it because it’s a catchy name. I didn’t do a bunch of focus groups to see if business people would like the name. I chose the name because I believe companies that are looking for rapid growth and are looking more

Transforming Your Business: Are You Building Bridges to Nowhere?

Leaders who want to transform their businesses so that they are ready to scale up and take things to a whole different level know that they have to make changes. Doing things the same old way won’t result in the kind of business growth they’re after.

It’s not enough, however, to just make changes. more

Solving Your Corporate Culture Problems Starts at the Top

There are tons of books and articles out there that emphasize the importance of having a healthy corporate culture (By the way, one of my favorites is Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work by Paul Marciano). Perhaps one reason there are so many books on the topic is that the problem is so widespread.

Given more

The Secret to Business Growth Isn’t Golf

It’s not unusual to associate golf and business deals. We see it in movies. We read about it in newspapers and online. Golf and business just seem to go hand-in-hand. But a more

Keys to High Growth Business: Measuring the Right Things

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re growing your business. If you’re not measuring your growth, you really don’t know if you’re growing or not. And one of the keys to high growth business is measuring the right things. But what should you measure, and how should you do it? more

High-Growth Truth: Reputations Are Built Not Given

There is a great scene from the classic TV show, Happy Days that contains a high-growth truth: Reputations are built not given.

In the scene, mild-mannered Richie Cunningham is trying to stand up to some tough guys but doesn’t quite know how to do it. So he seeks out the advice of the Fonz—whom more

Reading That’s Transformed My Thinking

One of the best ways to transform your company is to expose yourself to experts who think differently than you do. Here are some titles that have transformed my thinking about the fundamentals of high growth business.


• Leadership

5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell

To become more than “the more

5 Things That Will Stop You From Growing Your Business

A lot of people talk about how to succeed in business. There are plenty of “gurus” out there who will tell you how to grow you business and be a success. But the good folks at Forbes recently posted something that looks at the other side of the coin. They talked about 5 things that will more

Should You Rely on Your Gut or Your Data to Grow Your Business?

If you’re looking to significantly grow your business and (perhaps) turn your industry on it’s head, you’re probably torn between what you can verify with data and what you feel in your gut is the way things are going to unfold.

Which is the right way to go? Do you trust your data or do you go more